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  • Combine, Mix them!

    Trendy cushions with eclectic messages.

  • Washed Linen Cotton

    A collection with true and varied colors

  • DIXIT Collection

    Original cushions "so british" for your living room

House linen and decoration linen Lounge Fabrics. Personalized message cushions concept.


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For the bed linen Lounge Fabrics chose for you noble and refined materials.


Linge de table

Our table linen is available in a wide range of trendy colors.


The Concept Lounge Fabrics

Lounge Fabrics, the site dedicated to decoration. We begin with cushions, plaids and stoles, the decorative accessories to buy for yourself or others, the original gift idea.
We have created two collections of original cushions, original plaids and wraps.
The "Dixit" collection has a very British style, where tweed and flannel have the place of honour, highlighted by velvet piping and embroidered messages which answer each other. With these original cushions you can express yourself, show off your mood in your lounge, on your sofa, convey your message with your original cushions from the "Dixit" collection by lounge Fabrics.
Then comes the second collection of original cushions and wraps: The "ad litteram" collection by Lounge Fabrics.
Here our cushions are made from wild silk enhanced with a raw linen piping, in a very trendy, very soft, bright range of colours, pinks, turquoises, blues, beiges, taupes and greens, the essential decorative colours. A striped cushion in the range, with a regular multi-coloured stripe adds a little accent to your décor.
The original "ad litteram" cushions will embellish your sofa and your lounge. A very sophisticated and current collection in interior design.
These cushions have a very original design with their embroidered messages; for expressing rather glamorous, optimistic and loving states of mind... A whole world dedicated to softness, nonchalance and love. Transform your interior design to suit your mood. Choose your original cushion, your wrap from the "ad litteram" range by Lounge Fabrics.
Cushions, plaids and wraps, resolutely in the spirit of the times.